Wood framed houses

Due to the flexibility of our production tool we can meet your requirements, be it an individual house, an extension, industrial or commercial building. We design and build timber framed walls according to your specifications.

Designing wooden structural elements is not something that is done lightly - the walls are designed and drawn by designers and carpenters using specialised CAD software and these designs are then transferred to the CNC to be produced.

We use a CTBX maritime plywood bracing (without formaldehyde) on a C24 dry spruce (less than 15% humidity). The wood is treated after being cut. This construction system along with the materials used, guarantees a high quality of production. The wood is suitable for all projects and budgets.

From your plans we can study the best technical solution at the best price.

We can also provide laminated pre-frames, necessary for the installation of the joinery.

The walls are delivered on numbered metal pallets and supplied with assembly instructions.

wood frames houses

Wood frame process

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