Easi-joist concept

The Easi-Joist metal web floor system ® can be easily integrated into any construction project be it a wooden or traditional structure. This wood-metal flooring system has many advantages over traditional solid wood or other manufactured flooring systems.

These joists can be used for flooring, crawl spaces, intermediate floors, roof balconies and is particularly recommended for house extensions or for roof terraces.

There are many economic advantages:

  • Lightness of the structures
  • Ease and speed of putting into place, special equipment is not required
  • Facilitates the work of the various tradesmen - plumbers, electricians...
  • No on-site cutting
  • No drying time, quicker than a concreted floor

Concerning energy efficiency, the beam allows for and facilitates the installation of insulating products such as loose-fill cellulose insulation and actually reduces thermal bridges. It also facilitates the installation of ventilation systems (eg: double flow ventilation...).

With your plans we can design and size the most suitable beams for your project. They are then cut and manufactured in our workshops before being assembled and receiving class 2 or 3 treatment.

The Easi-Joist ® system has the European technical certification N° ETA 07/0032


easi joist - example of use

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