The story began in 1952 when Josette and Louis Escaffre opened a small joinery workshop in Albi. However this joinery business quickly developed and one year later they moved to more practical premises on Avenue Albert Thomas. There was an even more radical development when in 1969 they decided to move to an industrial site on the outskirts of the town in Lescure d’Albigeois.

This investment was set to totally change the joinery business. The selling and transformation of wood became an ever increasing business. In 1962 they decided to open a Vendôme window agency selling window and door accessories. In 1970 another milestone was reached with the opening of a wood and materials retail business at Larquipeyre, Lescure d’Albigeois. In order to continually improve quality and service, an autoclave for the treatment of wood was installed in 1982. A few years later, in the 90’s, Josette and Louis’ children, Bernard, Jean-Michel and Robert took over the running of the company.

By way of returning to its roots, in 2005 the Escaffre family developed a manufacturing unit for roof timbers and trusses at the Albipôle zone - this was the birth of Escaffre Production!

Knowledge of the building sector and particularly the design and transformation of wood has been handed down through the family however the company has witnessed a rebirth, surrounding itself by specialists, and choosing the latest technology in order to create a modern and reliable production unit where quality can be guaranteed.

In 2007 the materials distribution subsidiary was sold and this propelled the development of the Albipôle site. 2008 saw the creation of the wood storage hangar and the joinery workshop.

Despite its strong growth, Escaffre Production has retained its values of professionalism and quality and it is these values which over the past 50 years have given the Escaffre family’s business its reputation.


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