Wood treatment

Depending on its intended use, our timber is treated against termites and rotting and this treatment can be done by either by class 2 dipping or class 3 or 4 autoclave. Autoclave treatment is when the product is injected under pressure right through to the heart.

More than 180,000m3 of wood have been treated in this way over the last 30 years or more and in 2008 the latest autoclave was installed enabling 15m lengths to be treated in either green or brown. Since 2014, we propose a new tint for treatment in Class 3: GREY.

The products we use are as environmentally friendly as possible.


Class 2Wood protected from the elements, possible dampness through occasional condensation.

Class 3Wood not in direct contact with the ground, subject to alternating dampness and dryness.

Class 4 : Wood in contact with the ground and submerged in freshwater. Wood subjected to frequent or permanent dampness.

Different colors of wood treatment by autoclave




wood treatment

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