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DUO/TRIO-BEAMS® are especially suitable for all applications with high demands on form stability of the wooden parts. In particular, they are ideal for exposed applications which must meet high aesthetic requirements without the use of chemical wood preservation.

The solid wood appearance and character is maintained by the use of very few joins in production. DUO/TRIO-BEAMS® for use in exposed applications are exclusively made from North Scandinavian spruce originating only from PEFC certified mixed woodlands. In our opinion, it is the very best spruce available currently in terms of its superior visual quality and high stability.

DUO/TRIO-BEAMS® may only be used in application classes I or II (interior room climate or external climate under roofing). Due to their good form stability and low wood moisture, DUO/TRIO-BEAMS. are especially suitable for timber building construction. The low level of timber moisture means that chemical treatment of the timber is unnecessary, should the construction regulations contained in DIN 68800-2 be fully respected

Characteristics DUO/TRIO BEAMS®

  • DUO-/ TRIO-BEAMS® DIN 1052:2008, S 10/C 24
  • Kiln dried, wood moisture max. 15 %
  • Planed on four sides, chamfered 4 mm (measured diagonally), trimmed precisely
  • Water-proof gluing with polyurethane adhesives
  • available lengths from to 13.0 m (on demand to 16.0 m)

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