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BSH Glulam spruce

BSH Glulam spruce


Glulam beams are the ideal material when great importance is placed upon high form maintenance and dimensional stability. Even when large sized and long construction elements are produced, the timber does not twist and is, to a great extent, free of any cracking. Our laminated beams have secured quality, as the complete production process is subject to strict internal and external inspection.

Characteristics BSH Glulam spruce 

  • DIN 1052:2008, BS 11/GL 24h, BS 14/GL 28h
  • Kiln dried, wood moisture 12 % ± 2 %
  • Planed on four sides, chamfered 4 mm (measured diagonally), trimmed precisely
  • Suitable for use in application classifications I and II (I = interior room climate, II = external climate under roofing)
  • Projects, curved girders, special cross-sections on request
  • Best European spruce and Scandinavian spruce
  • Water-proof gluing with polyurethane adhesives
  • Produced as per list – available lengths to 13.0 m (on command to 18.0 m)

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